“If you refuse to drink from the fountain of knowledge, you’ll die of thirst in the desert of ignorance!”

P A Inamdar’s thirst has been slaked not simply because he drank deeply from the fountain, but has chosen to create many such fountains for others to drink from! With a never-say-die spirit from which stems deep rooted spirituality where he feels ordained to be the messiah of positivity, Inamdar has risen from the depths of indescribable poverty to attain the pinnacle of success. He then decided to leave his varied business interests in the able hands of his three sons and concentrate on bringing his knowledge, business acumen, and contacts to help educate the poor and needy, especially the girl child regardless of caste creed community or color.

He sincerely believes that he has been fortunate to see the era of untold success in what he calls the best place in the world to be, India, in the last sixty years and is of the firm opinion that unless you build on the foundations of family, brick by brick and give back to society as much as possible, true peace of mind and happiness cannot be achieved.

Up before the crack of dawn, he packs in a day what would tire most in a week, yet the smile is genuine and the caring touch radiates warmth. His amazing portfolio of activities reflects the drive and initiative of the man and the platitudes, achievements and awards which bedeck his office are testimony to his passion for positivity and nurtured growth formulae for his fellow beings.

As he simply puts it, “Kisi extraordinary cheez ko achieve karne ke liye, extraordinary steps lene padte hain!”  Perhaps the famous Urdu couplet, “ Manzilein unhi ko milti hain jinke sapno mein jaan hoti hai…Pankh se kuchh nahi hota…hauslon se udaan hoti hai…” best describes a human being called P A Inamdar.