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All of you have seen milk, but look at it beyond milk. I see it as the student community, a vast looming part of our nation. Like milk, these students need to be cared for. Once they are pasteurized, the creamy layer can be removed, and cooked further to make butter from the cream, this buttery layer can be nurtured even further and turned to clarified butter….!

From this butter you can go a step further and make clarified butter or “ghee” and then sweets from that too. My point being simple, from a sea of students one needs to have the ability and capability to select the best and then nurture them further to get the best out of the best, and only by doing this can we secure the future of this great nation called India.

It is this selected lot, by the process of churning and cooking, literally going through the heat,which will ensure that we have the kind of people. with the right intellect to take us forward into the next millennium. For this we need to broaden our outlook and invest for that future. Look at how we take in the students at Azam Campus and then begin to work on them.

They come from poor backgrounds, yet even at the tender age of four have their own email accounts and have even passed out of MSCIT exams. What makes them do that? It is their own innate brilliance which is eked out by our band of teachers who nurture them, and then our campus, which shows the way. We have 2500 computers, all networked and as Mr Vivek Sawant, Founder-Director and MD of the Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited , on a visit to the campus last month, said, “One networked computer has the power of 4!”  So you can imagine, the kind of power we have and how we positively, every day, unleash that power to the poor and needy students.

You can call it the milky way of magic if you please!

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Understanding India & Indian Muslims

Firstly lets us understand that all Hindus and Muslims in India, to take two major religions in consideration, are not literate. Some are and some are not. Moreover both are not financially well off Hence illiteracy; economic backwardness should be considered as a holistic Indian problem undivided by community. After 26th Jan 1950, rule of law was brought in and implemented. Our leaders had no experience to rule. However a sub-continent, now almost a full continent like India, has achieved the kind of progress which during Mughal, British, Adilshahi, Nizamshahi, Qutubshahi period of a thousand years we could not even have dreamt of.

Facts speak for themselves. For example in 1947 with a population of 330 million, we were importing food grains, today with a 1200 million population, we are exporting them. That sir is no mean progress.

Our girls’ education ratio, prior to 1950 was 1%. Today it is 60%. Let us take any field of activity, the progress shown is mind-boggling. We must admit that in the world, for Muslims, the best country is India. The freedom in every field with a Constitutional guarantee is nowhere to be seen in any other Muslim Country.

Let us also agree that a huge amount of wealth was created in our country during last 20 years. This wealth has also percolated down to the last Indian. There is no dispute that equitable distribution hasn’t been done.  However this has always remained a distant dream or a problem for Governments for centuries. I know we have not got enough. However it is equally true about others as well. May be few received more and many received less.

Whether those who received less were themselves responsible is also a question to be pondered on and answers to be ascertained. This will bring new approach to resolving their problems. The overall negative approach spoken about and written on creates an inferiority complex in youth and this further adds to negative thinking which is not healthy for any community.

I agree there is an ill feeling for Muslims globally. However in India this is true in respect of every community. If there is communal feeling, it exists among all the communities and it is a challenge to be resolved by all of us by understanding the Aayats (verses) of the Holy Quran which were revealed during the Meccan period and not to be resolved on the Aayats (verses) of Madinian period.

As an Indian Muslim, I can vouch for the fact that we have equal rights in India in respect of everything, hence if we are lagging behind (which I don’t agree) we should hold ourselves responsible and take remedial steps. Then there will be no scope for any social, educational or economic backwardness.

MAI Kholvad celebrates 100 years – The Times of India

MAI Kholvad celebrates 100 years – The Times of India.

Mr Inamdar’s views on Wikipedia’s blackout and SOPA/PIPA laws

Hi, here are my views on Wikipedia’s blackout and SOPA/PIPA laws…

  Wikipedia blackout, an eye opener (2.2 MiB, 1,169 hits)

Wikipedia blackout, an eye opener

Wikipedia blackout, an eye opener

News of Mr Inamdar’s appointment in Times of India,Pune

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A letter from The Ministry of Human Resources & Development, Govt. of India

Pa Inamdar.

Minorities-education:P A Inamdar,Times of India online

minorities-education:P A Inamdar, president, Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education S.

Why this negativity ji?

I admit having borrowed this blog title from the newest cult classic song that’s taken the world by storm, “Why this Kolaveri Di?” . The writer, publisher and singer of the song felt strongly about what they did and I do too about what I think. Why this negativity ji! We have as a tribe, and this includes all of us, begun to think negatively. We just raise our hackles and criticise, everything right from the cup of tea we drink to the politics we see, the games we play and the music we hear.

Quite frankly I have always thought different. Look at our history, what we have not achieved in 2000 years, we have managed to do so in just under sixty. For this great achievement I laud our constitution, and our judiciary for keeping it alive. I say my salaams to all those who have ruled India democratically in these tumultuously progressive six decades . Each one has contributed to make this sub-Continent great.

Expressways, electricity, education, transport, business, bourses, infrastructure, connectivity, and even religious integration are no mean feats and by God, the magicians who have graced our Parliament regardless of party affiliations have waved their wands to give us what our forefathers didn’t even dare dream about. Yet we complain. We are negative.

Just take the example of a breed of businessmen we call builders. They have been reviled by one and all, but take Pune as an example, you had “peths” which were more or less ghettos for communities that would have taken years to dismantle , but this breed has brought about a change, they have built housing complexes where these “pethkars” have moved into and now live in harmony. Divali  faral is as anxiously awaited in Moslem households as “sheerkhurma” at their Hindu brethren’s place. So clap for this community, instead of blackening their existence.

Let us resolve to burn negativity at the altar of truth, and I assure you the flames that leap out will shed the light of positiveness in the darkest corner of humanity like never before.  No more  ”negativity ji !”Amen to that.

Why this negativity ji?

MPs renew demand with PM for SC/ST reservation in private institutions

MPs renew demand with PM for SC/ST reservation in private institutions – The Economic Times